Time travel...

There is a bit of catching up to do here - it seems quite a while since I wrote the last post. Since then I have made two more editions of books:

The first, an edition of five, acknowledges the debt I owe to the Brothers Grimm. A long time ago, Sir Walter Scott had a series of conversations by letter with Wilhelm Grimm about their work. Wilhelm understood and wrote English and this is why I chose him over his brother Jacob.
I felt that it might be polite, in this enchanted world that I'd been inhabiting, to send a few words to tell him what I'd been doing. I realised that postal letters are like time-travellers, crossing time zones and history, and that given the right stamp, perhaps I could send them across the years. I therefore researched the address, made the appropriate stamps and sent the letters off into the imagination.
The letters that I sent, and received, I have bound into an edition of five books using an accordion binding and coptic stitch.


As well as making books, I always intended as part of the residency, to make a '3D illustration' of the College Road building. Making the 'net' was fun, the most difficult part was actually trying to fit it onto a reasonable sized piece of paper!


Because of this desire to create something manageable, I did have to sacrifice a tiny bit of the back of the college but knew that this was to be covered in paper quotes when the whole piece was assembled. A suggestion box was placed in reception and students invited to tell me what they felt about the college, the course or the building.
Thank you to all the students who took part in this! The comments were great (I didn't censor them) and many of you seem to like the building as much as I do!


I have assembled the college and it will feature in the final exhibition.

Lastly a final carousel book just begged to be made so I made a delicate little edition of five books about 'Fairy Tales of the Everyday.' This carousel book portrays an actual carousel with alternative modes of travel, the last image being myself (minus glasses)

 unknown3.jpg   riding away on a wolf. It has quotes from Macbeth and is subtitled 'Expectation.'
One of the five is in a box cover and has gone off to Liverpool library for a Book Arts Exhibition in the summer.
So the only thing that remains to do is to send you an invite to the private view of the exhibition, I look forward to seeing you there and thanks for taking the time to read my creative in residence blog.