The End of the Residency... and beyond.

I finished the residency at the end of May, the exhibition went off well. I wrote a piece for one of the college departments which I thought might sit well here as a final piece...

'During this residency I have been exploring the medium of 'artists' books' - a medium that sits neatly within several other disciplines - craft, in the actual bookmaking; fine art in the conception; illustration and printmaking in the execution. It is a relatively new medium and one that is steadily gaining in popularity as more of its possibilities are understood. Working across several disciplines has meant that I have worked in various parts of both college campuses which has been both interesting and inspirational and I'd like to thank all the staff and students.
As well as making editions of fairly conventional books I have taken the idea of creating a 'unique' artist's book, and combining this with my usual work, I have made a 'net' of the beautiful College road building. This 'net' then folds to form a 'book' with almost the whole of the text written by the students.

I have absolutely loved every moment of this residency; I set out from the beginning to try to make it a positive experience for the students to have me working here. From delivering a workshop for the illustration students and acting as a sort of teaching assistant, to working alongside them in the studio and collaborating with them on a book project - it has been wonderful to be in such a positive creative environment and to be welcomed by both staff and students.'

Since then I've been to Telford for a great bookmaking extravaganza with The Meadows school, we made a series of pictures as if we were making a carousel book, the children grasped the idea straight away and made some great work. In a while pictures will appear here...

I've been attending the Marches Book Arts Group (MBAG) and went with them to a fab day at The Grange, Ellesmere for a totally book arts immersive day, ooh lovely, more of that over on Facebook at

That is it for now, see you soon.