Sweet shops....

Here's the flag book from the last post as promised...


Closed and ...openimage_5.jpg

Also I 3D'd the woodcutter's hut....image_6.jpg

and joined in the zine making fun!There's a great zine exhibition at the College Rd campus at the moment, and hopefully this one hasjoined it.image_10.jpg

But the main emphasis of this post is to tell you tales from the bookarts workshop...

Some people can't help themselves in sweet shops...well, I'm the same in libraries. The library at the College Rd campus is quite delicious! Great views, friendly staff, amazing books, wonderful magazines.....heaven!

My knowledge of artists' books and bookbinding is ever increasing, helped by the library books but also by attending the book arts modules in the illustration department. I am going to repay their kindness by delivering my own topic of 'carousel books' back to them.

Hansel and Grethel have been ever in my mind and I am getting to grips with my own take on the subject. Its taken a bit of pulling together because I keep on nipping out to have a bookbinding session ( it will come in useful!) and the book compiling is dependent on getting linocuts cut and printed.

I've just made a new print ...from inside Hansel's cage..image_11.jpg 

and here are the roughs for the first three double pages..image_13.jpgimage_12.jpgimage_14.jpg 

I'm using the original story as a base on which to project thoughts and other loops in the tale. Fairy tales are flexible creations and I had great fun rewriting parts of it, I'll tell you more on the next post.image_9.jpg

Lastly I thought I'd include a little tunnel card I was playing around with. These are responsible for my initial interest in carousel books.