Making a start, making books, making prints.


Work as a creative in residence has been progressing since you last popped by, I've been doing a spot of printmaking and then paying visits to the illustration department, on 'Book Arts' day. The illustration department have been really welcoming and I have been getting on just fine 'hot desking' and learning and hopefully helping out too, its great if this can be mutually beneficial!

Zine-making was a subject this week and I enjoyed demostrating the map bookmaking structure to the students.

We had a fascinating insight into the work of visiting artist Alice Pattullo which was great, I really admire her work - do go and look her up!

I have put together a scheme of work, based on making artists books, carousel and variations on accordion. The overall theme is of 'the enchanted forest' with particular reference to the story of Hansel and Grethel (which is the way its spelt in my book!)

I'm seeking to give the reader/ viewer a bit more information about the story, whilst using it as a springboard to other ideas.

Here's a few ideas that I've been experimenting with ( skirting the edge of the forest here) and yes! my dear old bird has flown along with me....see above print.



I am also including my shepherds huts, now pleasingly transferred into linocut prints, this (below) was only really to be seen as a 'net' but it reminds me of fireworks and whirling circular saws which I'm quite enjoying.


I've made a demonstration flag book today, (picture in next blog post), its a demo model for a forest inspired one...