Extra's to Hansel and Gretel, and a Happy New Year!

I 've made a couple of add on's such as 'Witch's matches' which I intend to make use of in other ways.


This is a print I made on tracing paper, there's a really nice quality to it, which I think will be useful in an upcoming book.

My experiments with coptic binding have been fun...here's a couple I made as Christmas presents.image_18.jpg

I've also been playing around with an accordion book showing the outside and inside of dwellings from the H&G story, at the same time.

image_19.jpg         image_20.jpg

This is starting off as a one off but might end up as an edition. I have only just started it - very much a work in progress, I'm just about to paint it. I have been using mainly black and white (you may have noticed!) but with splashes of colour. I think all this monotone is coming from the feel of the northern setting for H&G, and also I've been looking at monotone photos quite a bit. Perhaps the New Year will usher in a flood of colour!

I am putting together a bit of a talk for next week at Hereford College of Art, so will be able to report back, might even let you know what I've said!

                                                                But for now, Happy New Year!